What are your hours of operation?

Our regular class time is Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  The church offers an enrichment program, The School of Fine Arts (SFA), from 1:00–2:10 Mondays through Fridays. In addition, SFA has an optional aftercare program until 3:00 p.m.

Where do I find the school calendar?

A link to the school calendar is on the website, as well as on each Circle Time weekly newsletter.

What do I do if I arrive late or need to pick up early?

If you are picking up your child early, or arriving late, please let the main office know.  This information will be passed onto the teachers. If running late, your child will be brought to the office if you arrive at school beyond the end of carpool. 

How do I arrange for a tour?

We offer in-person tours Tuesday-Friday, 9:30am-12pm.

To schedule your visit, click HERE

What platform do you use for parent communication?

The teachers communicate through the Kaymbu app.  They send a weekly blog to keep parents up to date on what’s going on in the class, including pictures and upcoming events.  They also send a “digest” which includes pictures of your child engaged in their daily routines and activities.  In addition, the school sends a Circle Time newsletter each week that details overall school news.

Do you use a curriculum?

Our classes engage in The Project Approach philosophy, allowing children to go in depth with their learning through investigations based on their interests. The Project Approach incorporates all areas of the curriculum in an engaging way.  We also implement the Project Approach through a Scope and Sequence which systematically introduces concepts needed to ensure the children are prepared for the next level of their education and social interactions.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

All our teachers have a Bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement, and many have Master’s degrees.  We also require 20-25 hours of professional development each year to advance their skills and remain current with best practices.

What is your discipline policy?

At First Presbyterian Preschool we practice Positive Discipline.  Our teachers and staff are continuously training in the methodology. Positive Discipline focuses on solutions, allowing for the healthy development of self-esteem and the belief that each child is capable. Encouraging independence and providing opportunities to feel a sense of belonging and significance, while developing responsibility, are key concepts to the philosophy.

Do the children go on field trips?

We are very fortunate to be in close proximity to the Woodruff Arts Center, MODA and the Atlanta Public Library so that we can participate in walking field trips.  Our students often attend activities at the High Museum, the Alliance Theatre and MODA.  In addition, in-house field trips are provided for enrichment in all curriculum areas.

Do you provide meals?

We do not provide meals.  The children bring their own snacks and lunches from home.

Is the school accredited?

Yes, First Presbyterian Preschool is fully accredited by AdvancEd (formerly the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

How much parental involvement do you expect or want?

We welcome parents to volunteer as much as possible in classes as well as school wide opportunities. Many parents come in as mystery chefs or mystery readers.  We understand that not everyone has a flexible schedule, so there are no requirements for in class involvement.  We have several adult socials that allows most parents to participate and get to know each other.

Do you provide opportunities for parents and teachers to meet?

Each school year begins with a Curriculum Night prior to the start of school.  During this event parents are introduced to our entire staff first, then meet with the teachers in their child’s classroom to get to know the teachers and the daily routine of the class.  We also offer parent conferences twice each year, in the fall and the spring or as requested.

Do you accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions?

It is our goal to keep each child with a food allergy safe and to honor identified food restrictions to the best of our ability.  In order to best meet the children’s special dietary needs, it is essential that the center staff and parents work closely together.  Parents should discuss it with the Director and the child’s teachers upon enrollment.  FPP is a nut free facility.

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