One of the reasons First Presbyterian Preschool enjoys a 70-year legacy is because of the vast volunteer and financial support we receive from current parents, past parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends. It is impossible to name the countless ways our supporters give–both small and large–that have an enormous and lasting impact.

Each year, our preschool relies on the support of our families to run our school and programs. Tuition alone does not fully support the cost to educate our children; in fact, only 90% of our budget is raised from tuition dollars. The remaining 10% is the result of our fundraising efforts and the generous support of our current and alumni families.

We are grateful for the numerous ways our community shares of their time, talent and financial support. Together we will all advance the mission and vision of First Presbyterian Preschool.

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous donations!

Cherisher’s Circle

Jamie and Ruthie Butler

Nurturer’s Circle

Chris and Rob Reddinger

Beau and Alfredo Martin

Director’s Circle

Elizabeth Warren and Andrew Kerr

Natalya and Jerry Perullo

Jo and Kevin Hodges

Corinne McLarin and John Hadden 

Susi and Chris Harbutt

Caroline and Charles Hornberger

Millie and Matt Turner

Bill Elmore

Patrick and Sally Woods

David Abraham and Angela Ulrich

Patron’s Circle

Sally and Brad Turner

Amy and Zan Stewart

Erin Bittner and Brian Field

Molly and Justin Kloos

Kori and Lynwood Bishop

Frank and Amy Hope

Zach and Kaiser Sayers

Jeffrey and Elizabeth Waller

Matthew and Emily Broun

Sarah Smith and Russell Moolman

Supporter’s Circle

Alberto Mora and Andrea Brenes

Amy and Joe Seib

Heather and Brian Batchelor

Amy Hall-Ireland and Brynn Ireland

Nathan and Rebecca Jacobson

Riley and Eric Bevill

Kristen and Jonathan Bailey

Kali Franklin and Wali Bashir

Laurin and Will McDonald

Terry and Stacy Parker

Ashley and Daniel Waller

Kyle and Jaclyn Kinsell

Caroline and Will Hudson

Iana and Todd Stuart

Donor’s Circle

Rachel Falchi-Neuenschwander and John Neuenschwander

Ryo and Ruri Nonaka

Emily and Randy Fink

Emily and Brandon Ansley

Meg and John Williams

Dani Fur

Caroline and Zachary Taylor

Julie Ann and Bill Rice

Patricia Vaughn

Teresita Gomez

Leann Neuenschwander

Tina Durand

Antonio and Antoinette Lonon

Shauna Woods

Joy McClendon

Julianne and Daniel Acree

Jessica Smith

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