We have gathered links and resources from our FPP teachers and are posting them here. We will be frequently updating this page. We hope these resources prove helpful during this trying time and help keep your children inspired and active.

Hi Parents, 
The Specials teachers have created a link to access all our lesson plans in one place. The following links will take you to this week’s lesson for YDs, Young 2s and Older 2s and 3s and up. 
Week of 5/4/20
Week of 4/20/20
Week of 4/13/20
Week of 3/30/20
Week of 3/23/20 
Nancy, Chris, Jessica and Jessi
That Puppet Guy!
Lee Bryan, That Puppet Guy!, is performing a new show each week and the programs are broadcast each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am EST. on Facebook.  Link HERE

Resources from Ms. Nancy (Library)

Goodnight with Dolly
The singer recently announced she will read aloud from a different children’s book each week for 10 weeks starting on April 2 at 6 p.m. The series airs every Thursday on Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library YouTube channel
Today my boys and I downloaded The Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems from Hoopla. We watched the Weston Woods animated video of it but there is also just an audiobook version. Afterward we checked out the National Zoo’s Naked Mole Rat webcam: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/webcams/naked-mole-rat-cam

Alliance Theatre

Naked Mole Rat

Due to popular demand, we’re extending Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience through April 12! Watch it again or for the first time from the comfort of your own home for as little as $5. Fun for all ages.

You can also download a free activity guide to extend the experience.  And while you’re at it, check out our Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed Playlist on YouTube, where you can hear from the author himself, and even learn a dance from the director of the show!  Rock on!

In My Granny’s Garden

Inspired by Pearl Cleage and Zaron Burnett Jr.’s children’s book of the same name, In My Granny’s Garden invites our youngest audiences to explore the glory of growing your own food. You can stream a video of this Kathy & Ken Bernhardt Theatre for the Very Young production for FREE! An activity guide is also available for download to extend the experience.  See video HERE

Oliver Jeffers of The Day the Crayons Quit fame will be doing a live reading on Instagram every day at  @OliverJeffers. If you can’t catch it live you can watch them later at this link: https://www.oliverjeffers.com/books#/abookaday
If you have an Atlanta Fulton Library card you can access Hoopla from the library’s website.
Once on the main page, look on the right hand side under Books, Research and Databases and click on the Hoopla icon. 
Hoopla is a digital streaming service where you can access ebooks, audiobooks, music, videos and more for free. Once you have your account setup you can check out 10 items at a time and everything is instantly available. 
Resources from Ms. Jessi (Music)
Ms. Jessi has created fantastic music videos for everyone to enjoy:
Resources from Ms. Chris (Arts and Crafts)
A Directory of 500+ Fun Creative Projects: https://artfulparent.com/kids-arts-crafts-activities-500-fun-artful-things-kids/

Art is not only beneficial for kids it is also a great way for us all to manage stress and anxiety. Zentangle drawing is a meditative practice that is particularly great for quieting the mind: https://mymodernmet.com/zentangle-art/
Mo Willems is doing Lunch Doodles each day:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjaYnyCJDdU
Resources from Ms. Jessica (Tinkering)

I know being at home may limit some tinkering experiences due to lack of materials, so I am going to list some ideas and challenges that require materials most of us have, and materials that you may or may not have, but can be improvised to make these challenges work!

4’s-6’s Move Like an Animal: Create a zoo animal mask or costume ( A student requested to make masks in the tinkerlab, so I had to oblige) The age range is something I use flexibility on when planning, so if you want to try this with your three-year-old, do just that! Modify as you see fit, and don’t stress if it doesn’t look how you expected. 😊

Choose an animal and look closely at the different parts of that animal’s body. Does it have a tail that wags? How will the costume allow you to move the way the animal moves?

Materials: Reusable resources such as cardboard, construction paper, paper bags, aluminum foil, craft sticks- anything you have that can be repurposed! Art supplies such as yarn, felt, buttons, markers, and pictures of animals; Paint if you’re a warrior that’s not afraid of a little mess!

Questions to ask: Does your costume fit your body? What features does your costume include so you can move like the animal? Can you record a sound for your animal?


Here is a link that serves as an outdoors activity for those needing to get outside if have nerf guns! https://www.steampoweredfamily.com/activities/build-nerf-war-battlefield/

Your child may or may not be interested in this type of play, but I want to make sure I provide resources for multiple areas of interest.


A fun indoor/outdoor experiment with salt and ice that is a great introduction to making predictions is found in this link https://www.coffeecupsandcrayons.com/ice-and-salt-science-experiment/  You can use materials around your home such as flowers or small toys to freeze inside the ice. This next link has very similar activities that require both food coloring and water colors, if you have these at home. https://www.powerfulmothering.com/rainbow-ice-and-salt-science-experiment-for-preschool/  I highly recommend doing these experiments outside or in an area you don’t mind getting a bit messy in. The link suggests you freeze water in a lunchbox to get a large, rectangular shape with the thickness necessary for making this activity last longer.


This link provides ideas for mystery challenges, which can be so exciting for a young mind! The materials are minimal, but the fun is in the surprise. https://buggyandbuddy.com/mystery-bag-stem-challenge/ Again, you can improvise these simple challenges to meet the needs of your own child/children.


Use cardboard or pool noodles as ramps. You’ll find it surprising how much a child can learn from simply playing with ramps!  Speed, gravity, velocity, and engineering are all theories that are being introduced. If you have marbles or cars, you’re on for days of fun! I cut the pool noodles down the middle creating halves, then tape them down to sturdy surfaces (You could use your couch or a toy trunk). Adjust the ramps to suit the needs of your child/children. If your child is old enough to extend the ramps, even better. Here are links with pictures for examples https://i.pinimg.com/736x/d9/5d/16/d95d165706cb18defe6707feddf0dc49.jpg

I will continue sharing ideas with you all so that your children can remain engaged. My hope is that you will already have what you need to conduct these experiments without needing to leave your homes.

PS: sensory experiences are always fun for children to explore. If you have enough in your pantry, rice, dry beans, flour, elbow pasta, or a combination of these, put them into a small bin and provide your child with tools to explore.  Monitor younger children closely to ensure small pieces don’t end up in any noses, ears, or mouths.

2’s-6’s-Tools and electronics: kids can use simple tools to take apart old electronics to explore. Another fun thing for your older kids is to have them put the electronics back together!

2’s-6’s -Moonsand- 8cups of flour, 1 cup of baby oil (add more oil if needed). Kids can use sand toys, cups, and/or scoops from your kitchen for some fun, potentially messy play.

2’s-3’s -Play dough and pasta- allow your child to explore, build, tinker with different types of pasta, straws, and toothpicks (if you dare). You can also add other materials that are safe for your child/children. (seashells, buttons, etc.)

3’s-6’s -A house for The Three Little Pigs: Have your child use these materials to build a house sturdy enough to stand on its own.
Scissors, toothpicks, sticks, paper, markers, pencils, tape, binder clips, paper clips, stapler, cut up empty snack boxes, index cards, etc.
Questions to ask: How will you build a foundation? A roof? Windows? Doors? Will your house stand if a fan is on low, medium or high? How can you make it stronger?
Fun Activities & Videos
  • The Center for Puppetry Arts is offering daily, live shows on their Facebook page. Click HERE
  • This website contains live cameras on all of the different animal exhibits at the San Diego Zoo. You can focus on asking your children who, what, when, how questions. https://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/live-cams
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